Love of Ocean

Love of Ocean by Ashok Bhargava Translation in Korean by Ahn Bong Ja¬† I come to you and leave behind my home… snow-capped peaks forest streams roaring waterfalls running rivers to dive into your depths to merge in your love I come to make you soul of my senses eyes of my sight feel of […]

In Between

  look between the sights hear between the words feel between the heart smell between the minds taste between the moments there you’ll find the magic of words the miracles of poetry, and a lot more ~ Ashok Bhargava

‘Remember’ poem by Ashok Bhargava

You and me on a long and winding road in a hilly city. Quietly, uttering no words naive and carefree hand in hand we walk counting power poles. When tired to move even a single step you would say just one more pole. Today all alone I have returned to our past the road. The […]