Affiliates of Multicultural Societies & Service Associations – WIN

  Ashok Bhargava with Mr. Richard T. Lee M. L. A. (Burnaby North) and Deputy House Speaker of legislative at Victoria B. C. Photo taken at UBC Boathouse Richmond on September 23, 2016 Attending annual general meeting of Affiliation of Multicultural Societies And Service Associations at UBC Boat House on behalf of Vancouver Multicultural Society […]

Love of Ocean

Love of Ocean by Ashok Bhargava Translation in Korean by Ahn Bong Ja¬† I come to you and leave behind my home… snow-capped peaks forest streams roaring waterfalls running rivers to dive into your depths to merge in your love I come to make you soul of my senses eyes of my sight feel of […]

I’m what I think you think I’m

In Between

  look between the sights hear between the words feel between the heart smell between the minds taste between the moments there you’ll find the magic of words the miracles of poetry, and a lot more ~ Ashok Bhargava

‘With You’ by Ashok Bhargava

I am changed and I feel a brand new world unfolds for me I smile with joy and discover how selfless love exists in you I discovered how fascinating is the full moon and amazing is the morning sun I ask myself how so much joy can spring from everything so ordinary Maybe it is […]